Thursday, February 19, 2009

Make your Website Sticky

Web designers are always looking for new ways of interacting with visitors. One method is to allow visitors to leave sticky notes on your site. A sticky note works both ways: both the visitor and the owner can leave notes.

Uses for stickies include:
  • thank your visitor
  • post news about new products and services
  • keep visitors informed of upcoming events
  • post details of contests and winners
Sticky notes also make it easy for site owners to add minor information without waiting for the web designer to change the site.

Don't be too worried about having bad notes left for you. The sticky text is filtered for profanities and you can set your own additional filters. As the site owner, you are notified instantly when a new note is added giving you control over notes.

With Sticky.Me you can have a sticky note pad right on your site. All for free!